Lightroom Classic Stuck Sync Fix

This is how I resolved the issue where Lightroom Classic would not complete the sync of photos or metadata.

What worked

  1. Go to Edit > Catalog Settings.
  2. On the “General” tab, Set “Backup up catalog” to “Every time Lightroom exits”
  3. Exit Lightroom, and make sure to click “Back up” at the Back Up Catalog prompt.
  4. Go to the directory/folder where your Lightroom Catalog is stored.
  5. Rename the file which starts with the name of your Catalog, and ends with “Sync” or “Sync.lrdata” by adding zzz to the beginning for the filename.
  6. Start Lightroom Classic. A new “*Sync.lrdata” file will be created.

Lightroom Classic should start syncing everything with “Sync to Lightroom” enabled. Wait a while for the sync to complete.

Do not add or remove sync objects until the initial sync is complete.

You can now delete the “Sync.lrdata” with a filename starting with zzz.

What failed to work

  • Pausing and Starting sync
  • Restarting Lightroom Classic
  • Stopping “Core Sync” in Task Manager
  • Rebooting the PC
  • Turning off “Sync to Lightroom” on the Collection
  • “Rebuild Sync Data”  : Edit > Preferences, Lightroom Sync tab. Then press and hold the Alt key, and click the “Rebuild Sync Data” button.


Program:Lightroom Classic r11.2 (Camera Raw 14.2)
OSWindows 10 v21H2
Date Resolved2022-03-06
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