Lighting & Exposure


Exposure for photographers refers to how an image is recorded by a camera sensor and how much light is captured.

Go beyond the exposure triangle and look at the pathway which light travels from the scene to the sensor.

The path light travels from the scene to the camera sensor by Filmmaker IQ.

Lighting Tips

Low Light Tips

Flash / Speedlight

  • When using a wireless remote shutter release/trigger, use higher numbered channels to reduce the chance of interference from other devices.

High-Speed Sync

  • Disabling high-speed sync mode is recommended, if you don’t specifically need it.
  • If you can select a shutter speed above 1/250, then high speed sync is on.
  • Enabling High Speed Sync on a flash reduces its output/power.
  • High Speed Sync Flash: Understanding High Speed Sync Flash and Shutter Curtains
  • High-speed sync mode will decrease the number of flashes before the over-heat/over-temperature protection is triggered/activated. e.g. 15 at 1/1 power, vs 30 at 1/1 power without high-speed sync.

Godox Ving V860III TTL Li-Ion On-Camera Flash / Speedlight, a.k.a. Flashpoint Zoom Li-Ion III R2 TTL

  • The version (III) has a modeling light, quick-release lock, and an upgraded menu system. The modeling light is great in low light situations to assist with acquiring focus.
  • Flash Coverage: 20 – 200mm (zoom function)
  • Power (1/1 output): 76Ws
  • Flash Duration: 1/300s – 1/20000s
  • Sync Mode: High-Speed Sync (up to 1/8000 seconds), First Curtain Sync, and Second Curtain Sync
  • LED Modeling Lamp: Power – 2w, Color Temperature – 5300K +/- 200K
  • Full Power Flashes: Approx. 480
  • Recycle Time: Approx. 1.5 seconds.
  • Uses a rechargeable battery pack.
    • The VB26A battery of the V860III is interchangeable with the V1
  • As of 2023-09 the V860III from B&H comes with the metal foot. The metal foot slides easily into the redesigned hot shoe of the Sony a7 IV. The plastic foot on the V860II was a struggle to mount and remove on the Sony a7 IV.
  • Available from B&H and Adorama



Auto Zoom not working on Godox V860III / Flashpoint Zoom Li-Ion III R2 TTL flash

  • Godox V860III / Flashpoint Zoom Li-Ion III R2 TTL flash does not auto zoom with the lens? Zoom stuck in manual on the Godox V860II? No auto zoom? Flash Auto Zoom stuck at 14mm? How to disable Manual Zoom?
  • Make sure the bounce card and diffuser are firmly pushed in/inserted/locked. If they are the slightest bit out, the flash will default to the widest zoom of 14mm.

Godox Ving V860II TTL Li-Ion On-Camera Flash

Auto Zoom on the Godox V860II

  • How to enable Auto zoom on the Godox V860II / Flashpoint Zoom Li-Ion R2 TTL
    1. Press the Zm/C.Fn button
    2. Rotate the dial, counter clockwise, to go past the lowest focal length (14mm) to set it to Auto.
    3. Point the head of the flash forward. 90 degrees.

Godox AD300 Pro / Flashpoint XPLOR300 Pro

Godox xNano (X3) Touchscreen TTL Wireless Flash Trigger

  • Built-in touchscreen, selector dial, and buttons for easy operation
  • 328′ wireless range with 2.4 GHz frequency
  • This model is compatible with Sony’s ADI / P-TTL system, including support for high-speed sync up to 1/8000 second.
  • Wirelessly control the modeling light, zoom setting, and more.
  • USB-C port for charging the unit’s internal battery.
  • Settings are stored 2 seconds after last operation and recover after a restart
  • Available from BH #GOXNANOS • MFR #X3-S
  • Godox X3 Bumper / crash guard by Bro Ben


Godox X2 TTL Wireless Flash Trigger

Godox Wireless Triggers Modifications

This mod does not work for the Godox X2 TTL Wireless Flash Trigger for Sony. Because long screws protrude above the foot surface.

This mod should work with the other Godox/Flashpoint flash triggers for Sony.

On the Sony a7 IV, the plastic foot on the Godox flashes and triggers fit too snug and are difficult to insert and remove on the Sony a7 IV hot shoe. The too snug a fit increases the chance of breaking the foot on the trigger and/or flash.

The metal foot on the Godox V860III for Sony slides in and out easily on the Sony a7 IV hot shoe.

Replacing the plastic foot on the trigger with the metal foot from a replacement V860III or V1 foot minimizes the chance of breaking the foot on the trigger when inserting or removing the trigger from the a7 IV’s hot shoe.

Here are instructions on how to replace the plastic foot with a metal foot.

Rolight NEO 3 On-Camera RGBWW LED Light

Light Modifiers: Reflectors and Diffusers

Light Modifier Tips

Gary Fong LightSphere Collapsible Speed Mount diffuser

Kobra Flash Modifier

SMDV Speedbox Flip

Glow Parasnap Softbox

Fotodiox Deep EZ-Pro Parabolic Softbox

  • With Bowens Speedring for Bowens, Interfit and Compatible Lights
  • Quick Collapsible Softbox with Silver Reflective Interior with Double Diffusion Panels
  • These soft boxes feature a collapsible umbrella-like structure with heavy duty rod support. Almost instant setup; open the soft box like an umbrella, snap the speed ring into place on your light and done!

Godox S2 Speedlite Bracket

  • Adjustable to fit most speedlites
  • Compatible with all Bowens-mount accessories
  • Available from BH #GOS2

Lighting Accessories, Stands, etc.

Stroboframe Camera Flip Bracket by Tiffen

  • Low-profile Rotary-Link system lets you turn your camera from horizontal to vertical with a flick of the wrist.
  • The flash stays centered above the lens.
  • Lens-to-Flash Distance: 12″
  • Reduces the harsh shadow cast when the camera is in portrait orientation.
  • Available from BH #STCFMFR #310-900
  • Notes

Cambo Redwing Lightbooms

  • Once the balance is set for your light source, raise or lower the light to the height required and let go. The boom stays put without locking clamping or cranking.
  • Sliding counterweight system adjusts for different sizes of lights and boxes.
  • Features a parallelogram design making it easy to precisely raise or lower your light source without changing the angle of light in relation to your subject.
  • Cambo Lightbooms at B&H Photo & Video


Reflector Holder Clip

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