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Digital World Solutions

  • All jobs from small scale to industrial
  • Available 24 hours / 7 days a week, including all major holidays
  • 212-947-7733
  • 224 West 35th Street, New York, New York 10001, United States
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Positive Print Lab

Fine Art Printing by Larry Melkus ([email protected])

  • Turns your paintings, drawings, and photos into fine art Gicleé prints, using professional film scanners, fine art Gicleé printers, and a selection of fine art papers, photo papers, and canvas.
  • 732 Hilton Rd 2546, Ferndale MI 48220
  • 248-571-0111
  • Fine Art Printing by Ferndale Friends
  • Fine Art Printing

Digitizing/Scanning Film Negatives and Prints


Photography Client Brief

In a client brief, be sure to understand:

  • Who: Who exactly is the client and the subjects for the photo.
  • What: What is the aim or purpose for the images.
  • Where: Agreed upon session location including who will pay for any fees.
  • When: Agree on a date and time and the expected length of the photo session.
  • Shot List: What poses, props, scenery, set, and any requests from the client.
  • Restrictions: What the client does not want to see in the images.
  • Delivery: What image processing the client requires including image format and expected date of proofs and final delivery.


Protect the Value of Your Work and Separate Your Fees! by Leslie Burns

  • Please, make sure you do the following to protect the value of your work:
    1. Register your copyrights ASAP after creation, so you can get statutory damages and attorney’s fees in district court if your work is infringed (or higher statutory damages than you could otherwise in the Copyright Claims Board);
    2. Use separate line items on your estimates and invoices: Usage Licensing Fee and Creative/Session Fee;
    3. Make the Usage Licensing Fee much more than the Creative/Session Fee (put your ego on hold and do it); and
    4. Write clear licenses that both explain and limit the usage appropriately (geography, time, scope, whatever).

Fair Warning

What should I charge?

  • What should I charge? (r/Photography)
  • Collect a Reservation Fee not a Deposit!
    • If a customer cancels, a deposit must be refunded, because no value has been exchanged.
    • Your contract should specify a reservation fee to hold the date. Reserving/holding the date is giving something of value.

Business Tips

CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Scheduling, Billing, Contracts, Etc.

Sprout Studio

  • Sprout Studio is a studio management suite built for photographers by photographers.
  • CRM & Galleries
  • Scheduling
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Contracts & Signing
  • Lab Integration (for prints)
  • Free template library for e-mails, contracts, etc.
  • Integration with payment systems and printers
  • Find the Sprout Studio Pricing Catalog. Is it only for paying customers?



  • Network through their community (to find second shooters, models, etc.)

Insurance for Photographers

Press Credentials

Stock Photography

  • Getty Images’ Black History & Culture Collection is a not‑for‑profit initiative created to provide access to historical and cultural images of the African/Black Diaspora in the US and UK, gathered from content owned by Getty Images.
  • – 1,000,000+ Free Images – Explore the collection of high-quality pictures. Completely free to use for any purpose.
  • Nappy – Beautiful, high-res photos of black and brown people. For free.
  • Openverse – Explore more than 700 million creative works. An extensive library of free stock photos, images, and audio.
  • WordPress Photo Directory – Browse 11,570 free photos. Release your photos into the public domain for the benefit of all.

Photo Sharing

  • Behance – Shape Your Creative Portfolio with Expert & Peer Feedback. Find work from diverse creative fields, like graphic design, UI/UX, photography, architecture, fashion, product design, and more.
  • 500px – Join over 15 million photographers from 195 countries to discover and share incredible photos, gain global exposure, and get paid for your work and skills.
  • Flickr is one of the most popular and oldest photo sharing sites in the world.
  • is curated by a group of professionals. After uploading your photograph, it’s approved or disapproved by a group of professional photographers.
  • SoloFolio – Simple, professional portfolio & blog sites. (25 images Free)

Photo Challenges & Contests

  • – The world’s greatest photography game. Join fresh daily photo challenges and become a Photo Guru!
  • is a (free!) community of photography enthusiasts from around the world, working together to improve their photography skills. Join to receive weekly guided photo challenges, share your work, and get tons of feedback from a supportive community!
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