Photography Tips

General Tips

Camera Benchmarks, etc.

Back Button Focus (BBF)

Color Space: sRGB vs AdobeRGB vs ProPhotoRGB

RAW images are not restricted to a color space. The color space is determined when you export the image. For the Web and other electronic devices, export to sRGB. For printing, use AdobeRGB. If the target is a high gamut printer, then export to ProPhotoRGB.

Clubs, MeetUps


  • World Photography Organisation is a global platform for photography which activates initiatives, in over 50 countries each year, that help support artists working in the medium of photography. From international exhibition tours, online competitions, and prestigious awards to collaborative projects and high-end art fairs, we embrace photography in all its forms, and are dedicated to the success of our community of artists and photographers.
  • Professional Photographers of America (PPA): A nonprofit that was created by photographers, for photographers in order to help those who want to take photography and entrepreneurship to the next level and develop profitable and sustainable businesses.
  • American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) – trade association for publication photographers. Since 1994, ASMP has continued to work for photographers’ interests.

News, Reviews, Interviews, Articles, Photos


  • : Rent professional cameras or camera lenses for Sony, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Leica, and Pentax
  • Nappy – Beautiful, high-res photos of black and brown people. For free.


Digitizing Film Negatives and Prints

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