General Camera Lens Info

Cleaning Optics: If you are unsure about the type of optic you have or the reactivity of your optical substrate or coating, then using De-Ionized Water and a little bit of dish soap is the safest way to make sure the optic is not damaged by harsh chemicals.

Zoom Lenses

Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM II


Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III VXD G2 Lens for Sony E-mount


  • f/2.8 constant maximum aperture
  • Filter size: 67mm
  • OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)? No
  • Model A063


Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG DN | Art Lens for Sony E-Mount

Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD Lens for Sony E-mount [Model A046]

  • f/2.8 constant maximum aperture
  • The Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD (Model A046) is a large aperture ultra wide-angle zoom lens for Sony E-mount that was designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras
  • Filter size: 67mm
  • OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)? No

Sony FE 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS II Lens

  • f/2.8 constant maximum aperture
  • OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)? Yes
  • Zoom method: Rotary (internal)
  • Dust and moisture-resistant design/ advanced weather sealing.
  • Magnesium alloy barrel
  • Comparison to the previous model (v1)
    • Four of Sony’s original XD (extreme dynamic) Linear Motors deliver high thrust efficiency that boosts AF speed by up to 4x compared to the previous model.
    • The weight has been reduced by approximately 29%, to just under 2.3 lb, making this model among the lightest in its class.
  • Optics have been designed for balance with an internal zoom mechanism, minimizing front heaviness to provide a more ergonomic center of gravity.
  • Model No. SEL70200GMII or SEL70200GM2
  • Filter Diameter: 77mm
  • Drivers, Software Updates, and Manuals for SEL70200GM2
  • Search the Web
  • B&H #SO70200282GM
  • Firmware v03 released 2023-06-26 – Improves AF performance



Tamron 70-180mm f/2.8 Di III VC VXD G2 Lens for Sony E-Mount [Model A065]

Tamron 35-150mm F/2-2.8 Di III VXD (Model A058)


Lens Filters

Sony Multi-Coated (MC) Protector Filter

  • High-quality, optical glass, multi-coated (MC) protection filter
  • Transparent multi-coated filter protects camera lens against dust, dirt, and fingerprints
  • Filter can be left on at all times to protect camera lens surface without affecting optical performance
  • Slim filter design prevents image vignetting
  • B&H Photo / BH #SOMC77 / BH #SOVF82MPAM • MFR #VF82MPAM

H&Y Filters RevoRing Variable ND3-ND1000 & Circular Polarizer Filter



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