Original Rollers Interviews

JUST/skāt/ Documentary

I am honored to have been interviewed for the JUST/skāt/ documentary, along with many other dedicated long time roller skaters. Some have been skating for over 40 years.

Produced by Linwood @Dizinesmad, Rob @OriginalRollers, Regina @Regina.Charisse

“Stay tuned for our multiple part series of JUST/skat.  It will capture the underground skate culture from the pioneering cities around the country. You will hear from legendary skaters, and the hottest skate DJ’s. They will share their experiences, their style of skate and how the love for skating has impacted their lives. This production will be entertaining, educational, inspiring and you will see some real funky roller skating.”

Check out: JUST/skat/2020 Promo by Sk8Kingz

Photography by Chin (@RootsmanChin a.k.a. @VisualsByChin)

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Date: 2021-01-09

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