Alegba and Friends at Prospect Park Boathouse

Date: 2020-09-30

Alegba and Friends plays nightly shows at the Prospect Park Boathouse.

Alegba and Friends consists of Alegba Jahyile @jahyile, Mark Kraszewski @MarkKraszewski, and a variety of guest musicians and vocalists. e.g. Michael Olatuja @MichaelOlatuja on bass.

“What started as a way for two musicians to get out of the house during the pandemic has turned into nightly concerts at the boathouse in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park — with fans who expect them to play three to four hours a night, seven nights a week.”

This day featured Melike Konur @MelikeOnEarth_ , with an impromptu performance by Mikaelle Cartright @Mikaelle_Cartright.

Try to make it to the Boathouse before it get too cold.

The music starts at 6pm 7 days a week.

Additional photos from this evening will be posted to  (Link in bio)

As the sunlight dwindled, the ISO on my camera had to go up, then I switched to using an on-camera flash, with a modifier.

What have you been doing to practice your photography, and gaining experience?

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