Lighting Tips

Low Light Tips

Flash / Speedlight

  • When using a wireless remote shutter release/trigger, use higher numbered channels to reduce the chance of interference from other devices.

High-Speed Sync

  • Disabling high-speed sync mode is recommended, if you don’t specifically need it.
  • If you can select a shutter speed above 1/250, then high speed sync is on.
  • High Speed Sync Flash: Understanding High Speed Sync Flash and Shutter Curtains
  • Enabling High Speed Sync on a flash reduces it’s output/power.

Godox Ving V860III TTL Li-Ion On-Camera Flash / Speedlight, a.k.a. Flashpoint Zoom Li-Ion III R2 TTL

Auto Zoom on the Godox V860II

  • How to enable Auto zoom on the Godox V860II / Flashpoint Zoom Li-Ion R2 TTL
    1. Press the Zm/C.Fn button
    2. Use the dial to go past the lowest focal length (14mm)

Unable to Auto Zoom with Godox V860III / Flashpoint Zoom Li-Ion III R2 TTL flash

  • Uses a rechargeable battery, and has a modeling light.
  • Godox V860III / Flashpoint Zoom Li-Ion III R2 TTL flash does not auto zoom with the lens? Zoom stuck in manual on the Godox V860II? No auto zoom? Flash Auto Zoom stuck at 14mm? How to disable Manual Zoom?
    • Make sure the bounce card and diffuser are firmly pushed in/inserted/locked. If they are the slightest bit out, the flash will default to the widest zoom of 14mm.
  • High-speed sync mode will decrease the number of flashes before the over-heat/over-temperature protection is triggered/activated. e.g. 15 at 1/1 power, vs 30 at 1/1 power without high-speed sync.
  • Available from B&H and Adorama

Godox AD300 Pro / Flashpoint XPLOR300 Pro

Godox X2 TTL Wireless Flash Trigger

Rolight NEO 3 On-Camera RGBWW LED Light

LED Lights

Aputure Amaran AL-F7 On-Camera LED Light

Godox SL-60W CRI 95+ LED Video Light

  • Daylight-balanced light has a color temperature of 5600K
  • Wireless Dimming Adjustment with Remote
  • Rear LCD and On-Board Adjustment Dial

Light Modifiers: Reflectors and Diffusers

Light Modifier Tips

Gary Fong LightSphere Collapsible Speed Mount diffuser

Kobra Flash Modifier

SMDV Speedbox Flip

Glow Parasnap Softbox

Fotodiox Deep EZ-Pro Parabolic Softbox

  • With Bowens Speedring for Bowens, Interfit and Compatible Lights
  • Quick Collapsible Softbox with Silver Reflective Interior with Double Diffusion Panels
  • These soft boxes feature a collapsible umbrella-like structure with heavy duty rod support. Almost instant setup; open the soft box like an umbrella, snap the speed ring into place on your light and done!
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