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Lightroom Preferences & Settings

RAW defaults in Lightroom Classic allows you to customize how a RAW file looks when it’s imported.

Change the RAW Profile from Adobe Default to Camera Settings, which keeps the settings of the camera the raw image was made. (Color Profile)

  1. Go to: Edit > Preferences (Win) or Lightroom > Preferences (macOS)
  2. Select the Presets tab
  3. From the Raw Defaults: Master drop-down, select “Camera Settings”

Lightroom Catalogs, Organizing, and Selecting Photos

The Lightroom catalog must be located on a local internal or external directly connected USB/Firewire drive. Lightroom Classic does not allow the catalog to be created/stored on a network drive.

Enable “Automatically write changes into XMP” as a backup in case there’s a problem with the Catalog, so your edits won’t be lost.
Go to: Edit > Catalog Settings > Metadata tab

Enable Catalog Backups, and configure the catalog backups be saved on a different drive from the drive the catalog is on, just in case the Catalog drive fails.

Lightroom Collections

Post Processing

Post Processing: Adjustment Sliders

Post Processing: Masks

Editing Photos using a Graphics Tablet / Pen Tablet

For photography, a small graphics/pen tablet works, as we’re usually working with a smaller area of the screen. Wacom isn’t the only maker of good graphics tablets. Do your research.

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